Digital Marketing For Beginners

Digital Marketing For Beginners
Digital Marketing For Beginners

Intoduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is simply designed for :
1. Marketing
2. Branding
3. Sales

To promote whatever is your website, store or anything . So that more and more people get to know you, brand awareness and sales start coming.

So basically it is called digital marketing.

Digital Marketing For Beginners
Digital Marketing For Beginners

Benefits of digital marketing

1. Does not require much resistance to enter

2. real time and measurable

3. High Return on Investment ( ROI )

4. It’s 24×7 Marketing Approach

5. Global customer reach

6. Precise targeting

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Outbound marketing

If I am a marketer and I have a product or service, then I am going to the people myself. I myself am going to my audience, they are not coming to us. This is called outbound marketing and it is also considered as traditional marketing.

Example :
– cold calling
– door to door visits
– Trade Bazars / exhibitions / seminar series
– Emails blasts to purchased lists and Advertising

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Is Slightly Internet Oriented. The prospect that is in it is up to you.

Example :
– search engine optimization (seo)
– Blogs
– Social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, pinterest )
– Ebooks
– viral videos
– web – based seminars ( webinars )

Scope of digital marketing

– Freelancers
– job perspective
– setting up digital marketing agency

What is the Eligibility

It doesn’t matter what class you are in, what stream you have taken. If you want to become a digital marketer then you can become there is no such eligibility.

Different types of digital Marketing

1. Seo – search engine optimization

In this, it is our endeavor that our website should rank organically in the search engine or in Google. This means that our website should be on the first page or first post above the keyword we have done.

2. PPC – pay per click / search engine marketing

Here we use paid ads. Whenever we go to Google and search, when we get the results there, they show two types of results.

#We see a paid result, that means we do some advertisement in this way, for which we pay something to Google.

#All these results are not paid, you see some results here for free, which are called organic results.

Whenever you want to show your website’s URL or your website in the form of paid ads on top in the search engine itself, called PPC.

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